Jennifer Vessels

Inspirator, Entreprenuer, Leader and Speaker

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Om Jennifer Vessels

Future-ready innovator delivers Silicon Valley innovation to global audiences – inspiring action, change and success in the Future of Work with the Metaverse, Innovation Eco-systems and Business Growth. Her insider insights as an entrepreneur and change agent leading transformation and growth for Adobe, Genetech, Google, combined with actionable takeaways ensure impact and lasting results. Jennifer’s Silicon Valley foresight, energy and practical life hacks make her the ideal speaker or moderator conferences, executive retreats and workshops. For deliver maximum impact, all of Jennifer’s speeches and workshops are customized to align with internal messaging for delivery in person or virtually.

Foredrag med Jennifer Vessels

Exponential Growth: Gain 100X Faster Results

The world is changing rapidly – don’t be left behind. Learn how to grow your company and career – exponentially. In this inspiring keynote or workshop, I will share Silicon Valley secrets for fast, sustainable growth. You will gain: 1. Proven ways you can leverage the power of technology, collaboration and transformative leadership to succeed now and in the future. 2. Actionable steps to immediately improve company results

Future of Work: In the Web 3.0 world of the Metaverse

Integration of AI, VR, commercialization and cryptocurrencies can lead to paradise or dystopia. Explore new ways humans, avatars, technology and communities can work, collaborate, travel and grow in the Metaverse of the future. All will leave with 1. Understanding of what and why Web 3.0 and Metaverse is important 2. Insights on how Web 3.0 DAOs and AR will impact people and companies 3. Takeaways they can use to explore and prepare for life in Web 3.0 world.

Corporate Slavery is Dead: Welcome Purpose Built Decentralized Organizations

After working from home, employees are seeking flexibility, autonomy and opportunity to achieve their life purpose through work. The Great Resignation shows that 'company loyalty' to achieve assigned KPIs are relics. Alternative structures such as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are evolving to provide purpose, ownership and lasting value to those who join. This engaging session will leave audiences with inspiration to think differently about organizations and people.

Machines vs Humans: Future Role of People

With AI, robotics and quantum computing over 50% of today’s jobs can be accomplished with greater precision by technology. During this engageing session, you will learn why and how this is good news for employees, teams and leaders in this engaging ‘real-world’ keynote or workshop. All will leave with: 1. Inspiration to embrace, learn and leverage technology more fully 2. New approaches to connect with humans to enhance value of people 3. Insights of skills that will be most valuable in future

Scaling Success- Silicon Valley Style: In Norway

Unicorn growth for an idea, company or corporate innovation team requires 3 key steps – provide to scale success internally and externally globally. Learn these steps to scale your success anywhere in the world. Sustainable success in a competitive global future requires collaboration - across ecosystems, channels and sectors. You will gain: 1. Insider's perspective of the growth hacks used by Google, Meta, AirBnB 2. Practical tips you can use immediately to improve growth

Kurs med Jennifer Vessels

Future Ready Leadership: How to transform, adapt, engage for future success

In a world of rapid change and corporate disruption, business as usual is no longer sustainable. This practical master class covers: 1. Best practices for innovation program that delivers real return on investment 2. Ways to build agility, open innovation and diversity into company culture 3.Moving from product, distribution sales model to recurring revenue 4. Team development and empowerment 5. Gaining customer loyalty for long term revenue growth Practical, real world examples and activities.

Future-ready Sales – for Sustainable Growth

In a world of rapid change, achieving revenue and profitability in new ways is critical for sustainable growth. During this interactive master class, participants will: 1.Gain techniques to shift mindset to drive future-ready sales 2.Learn proven ways to qualify, engage and compel right prospects to say yes 3. Prioritize potential and current customers based on potential return on investment 4. Build confidence delivering powerful messages to win.

Exponential Business Growth Silicon Valley Style

Sustainable business success is built on continual growth. Learn how your organization (startup, corporate or public) can use techniques (and secrets) from Silicon Valley to achieve fast, sustainable growth. You will learn and practice using proven ways to leverage the power of technology, collaboration and transformative leadership to succeed now and in the future.

Talerlisten mener

Jennifer Vessels har bakgrunn som leder fra Silicon Valley. Hun ledet også det norske selskapet Tandberg sin ekspansjon til Europa og USA, fra Oslo. Hennes erfaringer, som hun formidler på en enkel og praktisk måte, kan være nyttig for mange norske bedrifter og ledere.

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