Nada Ahmed

Innovation, Tech and Leadership

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Om Nada Ahmed

Nada is a public speaker, writer and innovation and tech advisor with over 15 years of corporate leadership experience. I am passionate about Innovation particularly in tech and love telling stories on how companies and people think creatively to develop breakthrough solutions. My signature talks are on the topic of agile leadership, leadership for the disruptive/digital era, Innovation, digital transformation and building fulfilling careers. I love telling impactful stories that engage the audience and move them to action. I ensure that the audience is not only entertained but inspired to take action in their daily lives. I bring the international perspective and connect with a diverse audience as I have lived in many countries from growing up in Pakistan and the US, living in Hong Kong and France and now in Norway for the past decade. I am available for Keynotes and also for hosting/moderating events and panels. Preferred language is English.

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Foredrag med Nada Ahmed

The Secret to Unlocking Creativity

A talk on creating a work culture in which employees bring their creative selves to work. Through my years of leadership experience I have discovered that the key to unlocking creativity is actually better accountability. Creativity thrives when you are able to create an autonomous culture, by being very clear on the outcomes and letting people figure out their own process of getting there. This makes them hold themselves accountable and you create a more productive environment.

Agile Leadership for the Disruptive Digital Era

Digital transformation is more about people than the technology and in this talk I focus on what mindsets we need to adapt to be in a better position to use new digital technologies. I help you understand the agile leadership methodology so you are getting the best out of all your employees. Agile Leadership is built on the tenants of agile from Software Development, but adapted for management across the company.

Inclusive / Authentic Leadership

A talk on how you can lead in your own way and include everyone who is different.

Innovation: From idea to successful implementation

In this talk I give my 5 key takeaways for successful innovation process from my 15 years of working in corporate innovation and mentoring and coaching startups.

Digital Transformation

In this talk I talk about the leading technology trends and what we can do to adapt to them and ensure our businesses not only survive but thrive. I also focus on the mindset and leadership that is required for organizations to actually succeed in digital transformation and make data informed decisions. This is one of my best seller!

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